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Stories and comic books are not limited to just kids and children.

They are especially well read and enjoyed by parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, grandmothers and other adults. The comic book is very interesting and has great characters who are funny and catchy like a movie. They have stories about heroes and how they conquered the place or the sacrifices they have made. Children love books that are interesting and have superhuman characters in them. This is why the much-loved character Phantom is so popular for decades among all readers. In addition, there are superman, batman, spider man who are also very popular because of their heroic deeds.

The stories in comic books are usually incomplete in one problem, there may be several problems. This is the reason why they are popular as tension is carried out and children are very curious about the next problems and events. You will find a wide variety of comics in India that have a lot of mythological stories that are very interesting and also have moral stories attached to them. They are good for children because they are taught to provoke and absorb an ethical and righteous life. Apart from that there are also many stories that can be seen in the comics with good pictures and dialogue. The color of the characters, the real-like situation, and even the expressions on the characters’ faces make them very interesting to read.

The amazing stylistic history of comic books

Comic book stories and prices are very affordable and there are many of them that you can choose based on what you like to read to the kids and you too. There may be price stories and princesses, cartoons, mythological, superhuman, aliens, animals and many more. Apart from various other types of entertainment, such as TV, sports, movies, video games, indoor games, children will also enjoy reading stories and comic books. Bedtime is the best time to read comics or other story books. You can read it to them or they can read it themselves. They are a great source of entertainment and provide good stimulation to the brain. Children can visualize the story after they see the small pictures provided in the book and imagine the characters in them.

Children never get bored of reading story books; they can read it again and again. They are cheap and attractive and make an excellent alternative to TV or video games that can be harmful to the eyes. You can buy them at any of the stores near your home or from online bookstores in India.

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